Is It Necessary to Have a Website in the Age of Social Media and eCommerce?

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Speaking of websites, this platform has been known for a long time. Started by a British computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee who started a genius project called the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, the development of the use of websites is growing to this day.

Graduating from Oxford University, England, Berners-Lee then introduced 3 technologies as the basis for website creation in October 1990, namely:

  1. HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  2. URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​which is now known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) )
  3. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)

After feeling confident with his invention, in late 1990, Berners-Lee released the first web page on the internet. Then in 1991, people outside CERN were invited to join this new web community.

CERN is a large particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland. This lab became Berners-Lee’s workplace after graduating from Oxford University.

Knowing Types of Websites

Website Benefits For Business

Since it was discovered by Berners-Lee until this article was published today, according to data from Internet Live Stats more than 1.8 billion websites are currently online. (Check latest data here …).

Of the billions of websites, there are many types that are presented on the internet. Here are some of the most popular and most popular types of websites.

News Website

The first type of website boom right now is a news portal. Companies that used to make news and present content through newspapers physically, are now turning to online news.

There are many popular online news websites in Indonesia, such as,,,,, Antaranews, and so on.

Meanwhile well-known foreign news web such as Associated Press, CNN News, ABC News, Reuters, The New York Times, and others.

A variety of interesting information is presented on the website, such as the world of sports created by Bola.Net,, or national news from the worlds of politics, economy, business, sports, entertainment, to culinary arts.

Social Media Website

The most popular social media websites today are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and many more.

Through this website, everyone can connect and socialize in cyberspace from all over the world without having to meet physically.

A well-designed social media can be used as a way to make money. Many artists, popular figures, and sports athletes are taking advantage of the power of social media as additional business opportunities in the online digital era.

Name a football star Cristiano Ronaldo who created Instagram and has more than 300 million followers on Instagram. Professionally managed, once CR7’s IG admin makes a post / to endorse a product from a certain brand, it will instantly become popular. This means increase in income outside of the ball.

Social Media Appeal Website

Website Company Profile

A company needs a place to convey information related to its company. The nature of the web Company Profile is more about delivering more detailed information, for example regarding the vision and mission, what the company has achieved, company activities and more.

Want to know an example of a Company Profile website? see sites like Apple, Samsung, Coca Cola, and other pages.

Web Videos

The development of internet speed access capabilities has led to the proliferation of websites that serve video content.

The most famous one right now is Youtube. On Youtube, content creators are free to upload videos of their original creation.

From those who just want to exist and introduce themselves to making money, this can be done on Youtube. People who are famous on Youtube are called Youtubers.

Other popular video web platforms in Indonesia such as Vidio , Mola TV, Netflix, and more.

E-Commerce Web

Well, the eCommerce type of web is booming in Indonesia. You know Tokopedia recently merged with Gojek becomes GoTo , it is a web based on e-commerce.

For those who don’t know, Ecommerce is a type of website that brings together sellers and buyers online or online marketplace.

Another example of an e-commerce web with the C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) platform which is growing rapidly starting with StartUp companies, such as Blibli, Lazada, Bukalapak, Shopee.

Indonesian E-commerce Website

Educational Website

Every educational institution today must have a website. Almost the same as the Company Profile web, the educational web is more static and only conveys detailed information about the school, including what achievements have been achieved, and others.

In general, the world of education will use a special existence behind domain names such as .SCH and .EDU.

Government Website

Government agencies starting from the central, regional, and sub-district levels must have a website. The main goal is to provide transparency of information to the wider community about what will be done or has been done.

This includes transparency in the use of the budget, which is very sensitive to the public.

Examples of the existence of domain names used to represent government institutions such as, .GOV, and many more.

Search Engine Dedicated Website

In the ERA of digital technology, web search engines (search engines) have become the newest information center in society.

Any information you can find in a search engine. Just type, and you will find a menu of various information related to the desired keyword.

Google’s dominance occurs across all lines and devices thanks to the Android platform from Desktop PCs, Smartphones, and Tablet PCs.

Fundraising Web

Fundraising is now easier and can reach all over the world. Website crowdfunding needs to build high public trust because it will accept donations from the community for social purposes for those in need such as victims of natural disasters, construction of houses of worship, and others.

The well-known examples of web crowdfunding in Indonesia are Kitabisa and Hand Hands.

Private Blog

The birth of various CMS-based platforms (Content Management System) has made many people able to create their own websites.

Because it is personal, the personal website is more aimed at personal information and building the owner’s personal brand.

Even though it’s dominated by popular people, you can also create a personal website.

The popular CMS platform today is Wordpress , Blogger, Joomla, Chamilo, Drupal, Typo3, WIX, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop and more.

The method offered by CMS is complete convenience without having to understand HTML, PHP, Mysql, and other programming languages.

An example of a website based on CMS Wordpress is

Benefits of a Website: 10 Advantages of Having a Website

Advantages of having a web blog

After seeing the 10 types of websites above, now we will see what are the benefits and advantages of having a website.

The question that often arises from business people is that if I already have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, do I still need to have a website? Can wesbite have a positive impact on my business?

The doubts that arise about creating a website are understandable because business owners have not received a complete explanation of the benefits and advantages of having a business website.

that’s why we try to present 10 advantages if you create a website for business.

1. Presenting More Information

Do you have social media such as Instagram, Facebook (FB), Whatsapp business for marketing your products / services? it really has to be done following the current online marketing trends.

But it would be even better if you have a website. Because on the website you can present more complete information / content needed by potential consumers before they make a transaction decision.

The benefit of the website in this case is that the data displayed is more accurate and detailed and has the right to manage its own database.

A little extra info: that Instagram, FB, Whatsapp, etc are platforms where The data that we store cannot be ours completely, unlike a website where the database can be controlled by itself.

There are 3 real cases from a well-known online social media platform that finally closed and all branding and databases that had been built by business owners or accounts, were lost.

The three social networking platforms and trading web are MULTIPLY, PATH, and FRIENDSTER. In a press release quoted from Kompas on (24 April 2013), the Multiply service officially closed as of 6 May 2013.

Friendster which was founded in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams and was the first social media to reach 1 million users and 115 million in Asia, officially closed in 2009.

The last is PATH social media. Founded in 2010 by former Facebook executives Dave Morin and Shawn Fanning, PATH officially closed on November 15, 2018.

The rapid development of PATH to amass 23 million users in a year has attracted Google’s interest in acquiring it with a value of US$ 100 million or Rp. 1.4 trillion in 2011, as reported by CNN Indonesia.

2. “Non-Stop” Business, Running 24 Hours

Another benefit of the Web is that the website can be accessed 24 hours a day, non-stop. This means that business owners will not lose business opportunities from potential customers who come from all over the world.

Earning opportunities keep coming even when you’re resting or sleeping.

You can imagine if your business is still offline. Meanwhile, potential consumers of the digital era will look for information on the internet regarding the products or services you offer. But… sorry your business won’t be found there, and that means lost business opportunity .

3. Easy to Monitor Business Development

The latest digital website technology

Easy to monitor business developments is one of the benefits and advantages of creating a website.

If the web is associated with analytics tools like Google Analytics, then the information Business related can be displayed such as the number of visitors today, monthly, yearly to how many visitors are currently Online in Real Time.

Where do potential customers come from can also be easily identified both locally and internationally.

Which pages receive the most visits, how much time is spent, and whether they leave immediately before reading the page.

You can’t find real time statistical data collection when your business is offline.

4. Increased Credibility and Trust

If you think online marketing through social media such as Instagram (IG), Facebook, Twitter, and others can build consumer trust, then you are mistaken. Why?

Because creating an account on social media is very easy and free. That’s why everyone can create social media accounts so they are very easy to duplicate and with malicious intent commit fraud.

Unlike a website, in making it you have to rent a special domain name and pay for a web hosting server rental. This is not easily imitated by others, thereby reducing the crime of fraud.

There are various pages such as the homepage (front page), contact, profile (about us), services, and so on. potential customers can get complete information about who you / your business really is.

5. Business Resistant In Unexpected Situations

The experience of COVID-19 or Coronavirus which is attacking the whole world, really weakened all joints of the economy.

Businesses selling products or services that rely on physical offline immediately stop operating until many close.

Learning from this unexpected experience (force majeure), online businesses are actually less affected and even tend to run smoothly.

People are ‘forced‘ to learn to shop online through the marketplace, or through online stores that can be searched on the internet.

This is one of the important benefits if you create a website and provide all the information that consumers need regarding the services or products you offer.

6. Target Market So Unlimited

If you are an MSME business, having a website should be the main thing. Because through the website, the sales target market will be wider even without limits.

Isn’t this the desire of all business people, both big and small? able to reach markets that are difficult to reach if done offline and ultimately profit for you.

7. Building Consumer Loyalty

A website filled with neat and useful content will make potential customers linger on your website.

They will continue to come looking for the information they need regarding the products/services you offer. Because you DON’T ALWAYS just sell but provide useful content and IDEs to answer their problems.

The way to attract potential customers to become LOYAL to your website is to build creative content that can attract comments and be interactive.

8. Become a Business Center

As explained above, apart from selling on online marketplaces or Instagram and Facebook, you should have a website.

The web can be a hub for business and brand building that cannot be done on social media platforms.

Think of social media as one of your marketing channels that encourages potential customers to visit the official website.

Meanwhile, the marketplace is only a branch of an online store because there you are not the owner of the place but only renting a place of sale.

9. Sharing Knowledge, Hobbies and Portfolios

Another benefit of creating a website is as a means of showing off. Show off what? Show off your knowledge, hobbies, and even a business portfolio of the products/services you offer.

A website can be a personal blog to share experiences and hobbies. Sharing your knowledge and abilities can also be done on a website that will attract visitors to believe that you master the field.

The advantage here is that you can sell anything related to your knowledge and skills because you have already been trusted through the content that is presented sincerely and interestingly on the website.

There are lots of hobbies and knowledge that can be used as interesting content, such as technology hobbies, travel, culinary, marketing, graphic design, parenting, property, photography, gadgets, automotive, religion, entertainment, music, art, website development experts, and other.

10. Making Money Around The World

In addition to building brands, trusting potential consumers, viewing statistical data, websites can also be used to make money directly without selling products or services.

How come! Of course you can, if you build a website that is oriented towards providing benefits to visitors.

If visitors find it useful or find a solution to their problem, they will automatically come back.

Indirectly, search engines like Google will reward your website with a FIRST PAGE.

The number of visitors who come can be used to convert into income by placing good ads such as Google Adsense, MGID, or direct advertisers from conventional companies.

Understanding How to Create a Website

Understanding How to Make a Website

Even if you are not a web developer, you should understand a little about how to create a website. What is needed so that the website can appear online. At least this basic knowledge can be a reference for you to be able to talk with the website creation team.

Domain Name

Domain name is the same as your address in cyberspace. So make or find a domain name that is attractive, easy to remember, pronounce, and if possible always a recommendation for visitors.

A domain name has an existence of its own and can describe who you really are.

There are domain names ending in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, and others. It’s the most common and widely known around the world.

But there are also special endings like this:

  •, widely used by business entities, organizations.
  • .or .id, used by certain organizations which sometimes have to include anonymous in registering it
  •,, widely used by educational institutions.
  •, generally used by government agencies.
  •, more used by businesses with legal entities because they will be asked for SIUP, etc.

Web Hosting Server

The hosting server is the same as the home for your domain name. Web hosting will act as a data repository for all the content you create on the website.

You should not choose web hosting carelessly because it will affect the quality of your website.

Web hosting is equipped with a size capacity to accommodate images, videos, text, templates, plugins, and more from you.

Proper maintenance and setup according to the demands of the current Google search engine can lead your website to become a champion.

Website Design and Programming Language

To build a website, you need a special programming language and a design with certain applications / software.

But nowadays, creating a website is easy. You don’t need to understand programming languages ​​like HTML, PHP, ASP, Java Scripts, XML, JSP, JQuery and Ajax to build a web from scratch.

Provide Interesting Content

Content is king. Even if the appearance of your website is beautiful to the eye, but the content is not useful, people will definitely leave it and the visitors will be deserted.

Therefore, don’t be lazy to prepare interesting and informative content on your website for visitors.

Website Maintenance

The last thing you need to know about having a website is its maintenance.

If you are too busy or have no knowledge of servers and websites, you should pay a web developer. But the salary of a web developer is very high.


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