Microsoft Mocks MacBook in its latest Surface Pro ad

BizNETMicrosoft Mocks MacBook in its latest Surface Pro ad

It seems that the fierce competition in the PC device market is heating up. After Intel, now it’s Microsoft’s turn to try to attack Apple’s MacBook device by calling it a BackBook in an ad promotion for the latest Surface Pro device.

Intel had previously carried out a very serious commercial attack with the once-famous figure in its Apple “I’m a Mac” commercial, Justin Long. The ad mocks Apple’s latest MacBooks and iMacs. Now it’s Microsoft’s turn to enliven the atmosphere by creating an advertisement for the Surface Pro 7 product, which also mocks Apple’s Macbook.

In the ad, Microsoft compares the Surface Pro to the BackBook, a device that looks a lot like a MacBook. It’s certainly an odd choice from a company that previously had no problems like Intel hiring teenage actors to humiliate a current best-selling laptop device in a biased comparison video.

In the video, Microsoft compares the Surface Pro whose screen can be stretched, swayed and set or easily disassembled and turned into a tablet device.

But for some, the ad is actually considered a boomerang. Microsoft’s marketing division is considered insensitive to other Surface laptop devices that can’t be disassembled. Which means the same as the MacBook. Moreover, in the ad, Microsoft calls its competitor the BackBook, which according to observers is more suitable for other Surface devices.

The argument in the ad that Microsoft tries to use as ridicule is also considered not so fitting. The reason is, the advantages of the Windows-based platform have not changed so significantly over the last 10 years or so. Sales are also stagnant, rarely experiencing a significant increase.

Meanwhile, Apple’s MacBook devices are just the opposite. Since the MacBook device was first launched, many innovations have been made by Apple and applied to these devices. As a result, sales and performance of MacBook in the PC market is growing so fast compared to other products in general.


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