Apple Releases Android App to Help Find Hidden AirTags

AppsApple Releases Android App to Help Find Hidden AirTags

Apple has just released a detector application called Tracker Detect specifically for Android users. This application allows users to find hidden AirTags.

Reported by The Verge, Tuesday (12/14/2021), Apple has released Tracker Detect on the Google Play Store. According to Apple, the app will allow Android users to search for AirTags or other trackers compatible with the My Find feature.

“We’re raising privacy standards for our users and industry, and hope others will follow suit,” an Apple spokesperson said.

Interestingly, according to Apple, this application can search for hidden AirTags devices to track items or someone without being noticed.

So through the Tracker Detect application, users can immediately disable AirTags without the need to find out the owner.

Previously, this Apple tracking feature could only be accessed on iOS. However, with the release of this new Tracker Detect application, Android-based device users can easily scan object tracking via AirTags.

“Gives Android users the ability to scan AirTags or support Find My enabled item trackers that may have been carried with them without their knowledge,” Apple wrote.

AirTags are enhancements that you can buy and use to track things like wallets, keys, and even pet leashes.

So objects with AirTags installed can be found more easily because the tool shows the location of the object or objects.

If the tracker has been moving with the user for more than 10 minutes, the Tracker Detect app will help find it by playing a sound and providing instructions to disable it.


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