China Blocks Steam App Global Version

BizNETChina Blocks Steam App Global Version

China blocked the global version of the Steam app. The blocking prevented many users from accessing the services provided by the game distributor.

Only the Chinese version of the Steam app can be accessed in China. The application only offers 103 games out of a total of more than 110 thousand games on Steam Global, quoted by Antara.

One of the technology leakers Ricky Owens or iFireMonkey is one of the people who are aware of the blocking from the Chinese Government for the Steam Global application.

He shared evidence that the software application was banned from operating in China. In the Bamboo Curtain country, only the Chinese version of Steam can be accessed and this is an application launched in February 2021.

Games like “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”(CSO:GO) and “Dota 2” have become mainstream games played globally and are available on the Chinese version of Steam.

The Chinese version of Steam also does not provide community features including Steam Workshop, Community Market, discussion forums, or the latest broadcasts from Steam users.


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