Apple Will Only Use eSIMs on New iPhones in 2022

GadgetApple Will Only Use eSIMs on New iPhones in 2022

Apple reportedly plans to eliminate the existence of the SIM card slot on the iPhone. Instead, the latest iPhones will only use an eSIM.

As is known, the latest iPhone is currently equipped with a nano-sized SIM card slot and a digital eSIM. This Dual-SIM mode allows users to have two service lines on one iPhone. This is useful for buying data packages when users travel abroad.

Reported by GSM Arena, the loss of the SIM card slot is considered to increase the water resistance of the iPhone, because the water entry gap will be less. It is also said that there will be support for two eSIM cards, ensuring dual SIM functionality.

The rumor was confirmed by reliable Apple leaker @dylandkt. Through his personal Twitter account, it is mentioned that Apple has been in talks with major US carriers, and advised them to prepare a smartphone-only eSIM, which will arrive in September 2022.

Apple continues to innovate for iPhone models. Over the past few years, Apple has removed a number of features from the iPhone, from eliminating the physical home button along with Touch ID to the 3.5mm audio jack slot.

Removing the physical SIM card slot might be something innovative. But on the other hand, the absence of a physical SIM card slot will be a challenge, especially in a country that still offers a SIM card slot.

The eSIM feature itself has been introduced by Apple since the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max. Some of the iPhone variants are even sold on a limited basis for the Hong Kong and China regions, so they can support dual nanoSIM cards.

Even so, Apple still hasn’t revealed the truth regarding the issue of an iPhone without a SIM card slot. Given this time, the iPhone generation has entered the 13th and still maintains the existing physical design.


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