Apple Patents iPhone & iPad Screen That Can Charge AirPods

SciTechApple Patents iPhone & iPad Screen That Can Charge AirPods

Apple filed for a new patent that demonstrates the charging functionality of the iPhone and iPad displays. The patent appeared on the US Patent & Trademark Office portal recently.

Reporting from Gizmochina (1/1), this feature allows devices to charge accessories such as AirPods through their screens.

The patent image shows wireless charging being able to work on one part of the screen while the rest of the screen is still usable.

However, it is still unknown whether this on-screen charging area will have a screen output while the functionality is in use.

In details the patent entitled “Wireless Charging Through Screen” hints at the possibility that the feature can only support accessories. This means that the device can only charge wearables such as AirPods, Apple Watch, and Apple Pencil.

This feature will come in handy in unexpected situations when the user suddenly runs out of AirPods battery outside the home or somewhere that doesn’t have a plug and when the user doesn’t have an AirPods charger with them.

Apart from that, Apple’s upcoming smartphone, iPhone 14 will reportedly not have a SIM card slot. The device will only support eSIM cards for connectivity. This eSIM card will come with dual support, ensuring dual SIM functionality.

There are also rumors that Apple will remove the Lightning port from the smartphone. If the company is planning on removing the physical SIM card slot, then that would be a step further for a seamless design as well as better waterproof capabilities.

So far, all of the above is just speculation and rumors because there has been no official confirmation from Apple. However, Apple has a track record of making some bold decisions, so it’s possible this information is correct.


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