Russia Requires Netflix to Broadcast State-Owned TV

BizNETRussia Requires Netflix to Broadcast State-Owned TV

Russia’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, will ask Netflix to air state TV broadcasts to subscribers in the country.

This is after Russia included the streaming service from the United States (US) to the list of “audio-visual services” at the end of December 2021.

Quoting The Moscow Times, Monday (1/3/2022), this list was created at the end of 2020 and applies to online streaming services with more than 100 thousand users every day.

This rule requires services to comply with the laws in Russia. The registered service must also provide streaming access to the country’s 20 major federal television channels.

From March 2022, Netflix will be required to offer tv shows including state-owned Channel One, entertainment-focused NTV, and the Russian Orthodox Church’s internal channel, Spa, to users in Russia.

Not only must it offer Russian TV broadcasts, citing Engadget, Netflix was also asked to establish a Russian company.

In addition, the platform is not allowed to promote extremism, restrictions that have been applied to supporters of the anti-Kremlin opposition or the Russian government.

The Russian version of Netflix is operated by Entertainment Online Service, a subsidiary of National Media Group, which owns a stake in Channel One.

Other video services in the country have also reportedly requested that Netflix be included in the list, in order to equalize, let alone that the platform already meets the requirements.

There has been no word from Netflix Russia on the matter.


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