Blackberry OS OFF, BlackBerry 5G is Ready To Launch This Year

GadgetBlackberry OS OFF, BlackBerry 5G is Ready To Launch This Year

After the Blackberry OS is turned off, Blackberry in collaboration with OnwardMobility is ready to launch Blackberry 5G. Reportedly the latest Blackberry smartphone will be present this year.

Blackberry phones were already very famous and worldwide before the iPhone and Android came to power. Almost all smartphone users on average have a Blackberry device in their pocket.

But now the Blackberry operating system has been turned off. Automatically support for Blackberry OS 7 and 10 is completely discontinued.

However, Blackberry is still trying to bounce back through its devices. After breaking up with TCL in 2020, Blackberry partnered with OnwardMobility.

Both technology companies managed to produce the latest mobile phone, Blackberry 5G. The smartphone whose design still uses a QWERTY keyboard will be launched in 2021.

However, OnwardMobility made a question that due to supply constraints and the Covid-19 pandemic, blackberry 5G’s launch schedule was delayed.

“Everyone was eagerly waiting for the latest information after the last announcement. But 2021 is a challenging year to launch a new phone, especially with high expectations and the fact that we want to do it right,” said a statement from OnwardMobility as reported by DigitalTrends. , Friday (7/1/2022).

The launch delay also occurred on Google’s Pixel 5a. This phone was finally only launched on a limited basis in the United States and Japan.

The same thing happened to Samsung. The South Korean technology company had to postpone the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE).


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