BTS’ ‘7Fates: Chakho’ First Episode Released on Webtoon and Wattpad

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BTS’ new urban-fantasy story ‘7Fates: Chakho’ has officially started. The first episode was recently released on Webtoon and Wattpad simultaneously.

Inspired by Korean folklore of the ‘Chakhogapsa’ or the tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty, ‘7Fates: Chakho’ follows seven young men who are bound by fate in their hunt for tiger-like creatures known as ‘Beom’. Set in the futuristic and dangerous Sin-si city, the seven hunters, each representing a member of the band, have their own personal secrets and connection to the Beom.

In the first episode, readers are introduced to Zeha, the story’s main protagonist inspired by Jungkook. Zeha is an orphan working day-by-day to make ends meet in Sin-si city. One night, he receives a mysterious offer to learn how his parents died. Curious, Zeha goes to Inwang Mountain as instructed, only to find himself stirring up in the hospital three days later. As Zeha returns to investigate what happened to him, he discovers history of not only his family, but the Beom and the gateway between their worlds.

The first episode also presents Haru, the cheerful deity inspired by Jimin, who has served as the gate’s guardian since Zeha was a child. The other characters, Do-geon (RM), Hwan (Jin), Cein (SUGA), Hosu (j-hope), and Joo-an (V), will show up as the journey continues.

With the story released in two different formats, ‘7Fates: Chakho’ can be experienced in a unique way. On Webtoon, HYBE’s collaboration with REDICE Studio, known for the webtoon ‘Solo Leveling’, promises a visual feast for the thrilling action and the supernatural side of the story. The webnovel on Wattpad, on the other hand, provides readers with richer details of the world and the characters.

Other than ‘7Fates: Chakho’, HYBE is coming up with two more Webtoons inspired by groups under the company. ‘The Star Seekers’ based on TXT and ‘Dark Moon’ based on ENHYPEN are both set to be released in 2022.

Readers can enjoy the first episode and the prolog of ‘7Fates: Chakho’ for free now on Webtoon. For those who can’t wait to know what happens next, ten episodes are already available on Wattpad as a Paid Story. The second episode of ‘7Fates: Chakho’ will be released January 22, 2022.


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