Royal Feast (2022) Chinese Drama 40 Eps : Where To Watch, Release Date and Synopsis

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The combination of historical stories and the culinary world can be seen through the latest Chinese drama series, Royal Feast, which will be aired starting on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. Featuring Xu Kai, Wu Jin Yan and Wang Yi Zhe in the main cast, the CDrama Royal Feast can be watched online via the Mango TV live streaming video platform.

The drama, which takes place in the Ming Dynasty, is directed by Wang Wei and written by Zhou Mo. Totaling 40 episodes, the Cdrama Royal Feast is scheduled to air every day, from Monday to Sunday.

Check out all the important info related to the Chinese Drama Royal Feast (Shang Shi, Imperial Cuisine) that CDrama Lovers need to know.

Royal Feast Chinese Drama Info

Release Date & Where to Watch Stream

TitleRoyal Feast (Shang Shi, Imperial Cuisine)
GenreFood, Friendship, Historical, Romance, Drama
DirectorWang Wei
ScreenwriterZhou Mo
Episodes40 eps
Broadcast DateTuesday, February 22 2022
ShowtimesMonday to Sunday
Original NetworkHunan TV, Mango TV
Watch LinkMango TV


Set during the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yong Le decides to recruit women who are talented in cooking to work in the food bureau through strict selection. This decision was taken after it hosted the diplomatic corps and government intelligence agencies from around the world.

Yao Zi Jin (Wu Jin Yan) successfully passes the selection and joins the food bureau as a palace servant. In the bureau he struggles from the ground up, gradually improving his skills while forging friendships with former beggar Li Xing Qiao and genius cook Su Yue Hua (Wang Chu Ran), and gets involved in a romantic relationship with Zhu Zhan Ji (Xu Kai).

The drama also reveals the historical achievements and family life of the three great Emperors of the Ming Dynasty, and depicts the culinary world which is full of of family affection, love and friendship, and human values.


  • Xu Kai (Zhu Zhan Ji)
  • Wu Jin Yan (Yao Zi Jin)
  • Wang Yi Zhe (You Yi Fan)
  • He Rui Xian (Yin Zi Ping)
  • Wang Yan
  • Zhang Nan (Hu Shan Xiang)
  • Wang Chu Ran (Su Yue Hua)

Royal Feast Video Trailer

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Watch Chinese Drama Royal Feast (Shang Shi, Imperial Cuisine) with English subtitles as many as 40 Episodes every Monday to Sunday on the official Mango TV network website.


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