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Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia) Chinese Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch Who Rules The World, the latest Chinese Drama 2022, here.

Who Rules The World, the latest wuxia drama series from Tencent Video featuring Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si, is scheduled to start airing on Monday, April 18, 2022. This 40-episode CDrama can be watched online via the live streaming video platform WeTV.

The drama series, which started filming in February 2021, was directed by Yin Tao and adapted from the novel ‘Qie Shi Tian Xia’ by Qing Ling Yue. The CDrama Who Rules The World has been popular even before it started airing, several video trailers related to this drama have been watched by more than 90 million viewers.

Besides Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si, a number of famous artists who also appear in this drama include Xuan Lu, Leon Lai, Liu Rui Lin, An Yue Xi, Zhao Xin, Zhang Tian Yang, and He Kai Lang. According to the schedule, Who Rules The World will air every Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 local time.

Before watching this 40 Series Chinese Drama, first take a look at the following preview of Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia).

Who Rules The World Chinese Drama Series Info

TitleWho Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia)
GenreHistorical, Romance, Wuxia
DirectorYin Tao
ScreenwriterQing Ling Yue (Novel)

Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia) Storyline

Bai Feng Xi (Zhao Lu Si) is a heroine who has a free and easy going personality, difficult to control but respected by many people. In fact she was Princess Xi Yun of Fengguo who although looked clumsy but she actually very smart.

On the other side was Hei Feng Xi (Yang Yang), a man who not only possessed outstanding martial arts skills but was also resourceful and highly planned, thus being described by Bai Feng Xi as a fox. Hei Feng Xi, whose real name was Feng Lan Xi, was the heir to the Feng Kingdom who was much loved for his compassion towards many people.

With opposite personalities, Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi often got into arguments. But while caught up in the fights and chaos in the world of martial arts, these two masters with above-average martial skills begin to fall in love with each other.

As their true identities began to be revealed, Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi were forced to stand opposite each other. Until one day when Bai Feng Xi was seriously injured, Feng Lan Xi realized his feelings and fought hard to save the woman who stole his heart.

Since then they have decided to work hand in hand around the world to uphold justice.

Showtimes & Watch Streaming Links

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Chinese Drama Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia) which will air on Monday, 18.04.2022..

Original NetworkTencent Video
Broadcast DateMonday, 18.04.2022.
ShowtimesMonday Tuesday Wednesday
Episodes40 Series
Watch LinkWeTV

Cast of Who Rules The World

  • Yang Yang (Feng Lan Xi / Hei Feng Xi)
  • Zhao Lu Si (Feng Xi Yun / Bai Feng Xi)
  • Xuan Lu (Feng Qi Wu)
  • Leon Lai (Huang Chao)
  • Liu Rui Lin (Feng Ju)
  • Zhang Feng Yi (Prince Yong)
  • An Yue Xi (Hua Chun Ran)
  • Carman Lee (Madame Bai Li)
  • He Kai Lang (Yan Ying Zhou)

Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia) Video Trailer

YouTube video

Make sure Toper loyal readers have downloaded the application and watched Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia) English subtitle through the official WeTV website, OK! because there are also sites such as drakorindo that provide watching Chinese Drama Who Rules The World (Qie Shi Tian Xia) for free, but it’s illegal.

User Review

Martial arts film that ranks among the best. There should be more of this type of film. This film is about the pursuit of a heavenly sword, blood, and handsome brothers. This is one of my favorites. Great story line and love the two main characters. I wish there were more films like this on Netflix and I am really happy that this was made. The writers, the director and the entire cast did well. The CGI is impeccable. (6 May 2022)

Article source: IMDB


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