Korean Drama The Killer’s Shopping List (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Film and TVKorean Drama The Killer's Shopping List (2022) : Showtimes & Where to...

The Killer’s Shopping List Korean Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch The Killer’s Shopping List, the latest Korean Drama 2022, here.

Lee Kwang Soo and AOA’s Kim Seol Hyun are ready to greet KDrama fans through The Killer’s Shopping List, the latest Korean drama series from the tvN network that is ready to air starting on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. The drama, which is adapted from the novel by Kang Ji Young, can also be watched online via the live streaming video platform Viu or Viki.

The Killer’s Shopping List marks Lee Kwang Soo’s comeback in the KDrama world after he last starred in ‘Live’ (2018). Previously, earlier this year the former ‘Running Man’ member had also appeared on the big screen through the film ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’.

In this drama, directed by Lee Eon Hee and written by Han Ji Wan, Lee Kwang Soo is lined up as the main player alongside AOA’s Kim Seol Hyun and Jin Hee Kyung. A number of other supporting artists who also appear in this drama include Shin Sung Woo, Park Ji Bin, Oh Hye Won, and Kim Mi Hwa.

Before watching this 8 Series Korean Drama, first take a look at the following preview of The Killer’s Shopping List.

The Killer’s Shopping List Korean Drama Series Info

TitleThe Killer’s Shopping List
GenreThriller, mystery, comedy
DirectorLee Eon Hee
ScreenwriterHan Ji Wan

The Killer’s Shopping List Storyline

Ahn Dae Sung (Lee Kwang Soo) was recognized as a genius through his extraordinary memory ability. Unfortunately, Ahn Dae Sung’s life changed completely due to an incident that occurred at MS Mart, the supermarket owned by his mother, Han Myung Sook (Jin Hee Kyung), when he was 10 years old.

After three consecutive years of failing the exam to become a 9th grade public official, Ahn Dae Sung decides to working part-time as a cashier at MS Mart. Luckily his girlfriend, Do Ah Hee (Kim Seol Hyun) who works as a police officer, and her mother always support him.

One day, a murder case occurred near an apartment building located near MS Mart. As a police officer, Do Ah Hee feels it is her duty to help uncover the criminal case.

Do Ah Hee didn’t expect to find the receipt issued by MS Mart as the only clue to the case. Therefore, she asked Ahn Dae Sung and his mother for help in further investigations.

The mysterious case turns Ahn Dae Sung’s boring life into a challenging one. However, can the three rookie investigators solve the case with just a receipt as the only clue?

Cast of The Killer’s Shopping List

  • Lee Kwang Soo (Ahn Dae Sung)
  • Kim Seol Hyun AOA (Do Ah Hee)
  • Jin Hee Kyung (Han Myung Sook)
  • Shin Sung Woo (Ahn Young Choon)
  • Park Ji Bin (Saeng Sun)
  • Oh Hye Won (Ya Chae)
  • Kim Mi Hwa (Gong San)
  • Moon Hee Kyung (Yang Soon)
  • Lee Kyo Yeob (Jung Wook)
  • Lee Yoon Hee (Kim Doo Hyun)

Showtimes & Watch Streaming Links

Original NetworktvN
Broadcast DateWednesday, 27.04.2022.
ShowtimesWednesday Thursday
Episodes8 Series
Watch LinkViu, Viki

The Killer’s Shopping List Video Trailer

YouTube video

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Korean Drama The Killer’s Shopping List which will air on Wednesday, 27.04.2022..

Make sure Toper loyal readers have downloaded the application and watched The Killer’s Shopping List English subtitle through the official Viu, Viki website, OK! because there are also sites such as drakorindo that provide watching Korean Drama The Killer’s Shopping List for free, but it’s illegal.

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