Korean Drama The Sound of Magic (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

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The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara) Korean Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch The Sound of Magic, the latest Korean Drama 2022, here.

Ji Chang Wook is ready to greet his fans again through the latest Korean drama series, The Sound of Magic, which airs from Friday, May 6, 2022. Acting as a mysterious magician, Ji Chang Wook’s appearance with Hwang In Yeop and ‘rookie’ actress Choi Sung Eun can be watched online via the Netflix live streaming video platform.

This 6-episode KDrama was adapted from the webtoon ‘Annarasumanara’ by Ha Il Kwon which was published on Naver starting at the end of June 2010. This musical fantasy-themed drama series was directed by Kim Seong Yoon, a director who is known for several hit dramas such as ‘Itaewon Class’ and ‘Love in the Moonlight’.

For his role as a magician, Ji Chang Wook teamed up with Korea’s top illusionist, Lee Eun Kyul. Meanwhile, the fields of music and choreography were entrusted to Park Sung Il and Hong Se Jeong respectively.

Before watching this 6 Series Korean Drama, first take a look at the following preview of The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara).

The Sound of Magic Korean Drama Series Info

TitleThe Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara)
GenreMusical, psychology, fantasy, drama
DirectorKim Seong Yoon
ScreenwriterHa Il Kwon (Webtoon), Kim Min Jung

The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara) Storyline

Yoon A Yi (Choi Sung Eun) is a high school student who has to work part time to support herself and her sister. She did not know the whereabouts of her parents after her father ran away from home to avoid being chased by debt collectors and her mother then also left the house.

Although not from a harmonious family, Yoon A Yi is a bright student who is able to reach the top academically in school. At school, Yoon A Yi has a classmate who is also her academic rival, Na Il Deung (Hwang In Yeop).

Even though he had become a school star, Na Il Deung only focused on studying and didn’t know how to build relationships with others, and also didn’t know what he really wanted in life. In contrast to Yoon A Yi, who lost her dream because the burden of life was too heavy and only hoped to become an adult as soon as possible in order to get an established job.

Her meeting with the mysterious magician Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook) in an abandoned amusement park slowly makes Yoon A Yi rediscover her joy and innocence. Na Il Deung begins to change after learning about the joys of magic with Lee Eul and Yoon A Yi, the girl he likes.

Cast of The Sound of Magic

  • Ji Chang Wook (Lee Eul)
  • Choi Sung Eun (Yoon A Yi)
  • Hwang In Yeop (Na Il Deung)
  • Nam Da Reum (Lee Eul – Youth)
  • Hong Seo Hee (Ji Soo – Youth)
  • YOo Jae Myung (Il Deung’s Father)

Showtimes & Watch Streaming Links

Original NetworkNetflix
Broadcast DateFriday, 06.05.2022
Episodes6 Series
Watch LinkNetflix

The Sound of Magic Video Trailer

YouTube video

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Korean Drama The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara) which will air on Friday, 06.05.2022.

Make sure Toper loyal readers have downloaded the application and watched The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara) English subtitle through the official Netflix website, OK! because there are also sites such as drakorindo that provide watching Korean Drama The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara) for free, but it’s illegal.

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