Chinese Drama Hello My Girl (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Film and TVChinese Drama Hello My Girl (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Hello My Girl (Nong Hao, We De Dong Bei Nu You) Chinese Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch Hello My Girl, the latest Chinese Drama 2022, here.

The sweet and funny love story of youth comes through the latest Chinese drama series, Hello My Girl, which starts airing on Tuesday 10 May 2022. This web drama directed by Xia Jun can be watched online through the live streaming video platform iQIYI.

Ao Zi Yi and Huang Can Can are believed to be the main players, playing a teenage boy from Shanghai who meets a Northeast teenage girl. This 24 episode drama series also stars Cai Xin Yang, Lin Jun Yi, Shi Rui, Jin Zhong Xi, as well as veteran artists Hong Jian Tao and Liang Dan Ni.

Hello My Girl, which has finished filming since November 2021, is scheduled to air every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 12:00 local time.

Before watching this 24 Series Chinese Drama, first take a look at the following preview of Hello My Girl (Nong Hao, We De Dong Bei Nu You).

Hello My Girl Chinese Drama Series Info

TitleHello My Girl (Nong Hao, We De Dong Bei Nu You)
GenreComedy, romance, teenager
DirectorXia Jun
ScreenwriterQin Yan, Ma Song Yan

Hello My Girl Storyline

Yang Yi Shan (Ao Zi Yi) didn’t expect it to be difficult to adapt to a new place. Whereas his goal of continuing his studies at Dongbei is to escape the clutches of his aunt, Yang Zhao Qing (Liang Dan Ni), who is very protective.

In an attempt to adjust, the teenager, who was born and raised in Shanghai, meets the northeastern girl Zhao Duo Duo (Huang Can Can), through an argument. However, Duo Duo and friends’ warm attitude finally helped Yi Shan to feel comfortable in his new place.

Yi Shan didn’t expect her aunt to be so desperate to come to Shenyang to accompany him. Moreover, it turns out that Yang Zhao Qing rents a place to live from Zhao Jie Fang (Hong Jian Tao), the father of Zhao Duo Duo.

Once again Yi Shan tries to escape by applying to study abroad without telling his aunt. At the same time, Duo Duo was more focused on her ideas, matching Yang Zhao Qing with her father.

Yi Shan finally supports Duo Duo’s idea. With the help of various parties, Yang Zhao Qing’s heart melted with Zhao Jie Fang’s kindness and sincerity. Meanwhile, Yi Shan and Duo Duo’s relationship changed completely, from being enemies to liking each other.

Cast of Hello My Girl

  • Huang Can Can (Zhao Duo Duo)
  • Ao Zi Yi (Yang Yi Shan)
  • Cai Xin Yang (Guan Chuang)
  • Lin Jun Yi (Wang Zi Xuan)
  • Shi Rui (Liu Zhen)
  • Jin Zhong Xi (Xia Zi Hao)
  • Martin Wong (Lu Han)
  • Chen Mu Yang (Teacher Zhang)
  • Hong Jian Tao (Zhao Jie Fang)
  • Liang Dan Ni (Yang Shao Qing)
  • Wang Qian (Lu Han)

Showtimes & Watch Streaming Links

Original NetworkiQIYI
Broadcast DateTuesday, 10.05.2022
ShowtimesTuesday Wednesday
Episodes24 Series
Watch LinkiQIYI

Hello My Girl Video Trailer

YouTube video

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Chinese Drama Hello My Girl (Nong Hao, We De Dong Bei Nu You) which will air on Tuesday, 10.05.2022.

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