The most recent series by David E. Kelley currently refers to 'The Brass Verdict,' the second novel in Michael Connelly's 'Lincoln Lawyer' series.

Netflix Presents Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in New ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

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A new trailer for the upcoming Netflix original series ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ which stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in the role of a lawyer, was published earlier today. The series is based on the novel written by Michael Connelly.

This new legal drama series is about a morally dubious lawyer who works out of a Lincoln Town Car.

Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) and his legendary Lincoln, decorated with a license plaque that reads “NTGUILTY,” appear in the already widely circulated video trailer for the television drama “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

Mickey’s lawyer is wealthy, arrogant, and confident that the law must conform to his opinions.

Mickey knows he’s skilled at what he does in his job, but he doesn’t care about true justice. Instead, he’s eager to take on cases that will guarantee him a quick victory and boost his fame, such as defending clients he knows are guilty.

Mickey’s life, however, is in jeopardy since someone is following him and trying to ensure he doesn’t expose any dangerous truths. Mickey’s life is in danger because of one of his earlier cases. To stay alive, Mickey must figure things out for real, not simply improvise.

Mickey has a motto when it comes to his work. “One thing I’ve learned is that success is all about building momentum. You can win in court, but you must believe that you can! Then you’d better keep pretending till you achieve, “In the trailer, Mickey’s character says.

Mickey’s personal and professional lives collide, causing a schism in his family. Another unanticipated story from a fellow lawyer moves the plot along.

‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ a legal drama series on television, is not the first adaptation of Connelly’s novel series. In the film of the same name, which received widespread acclaim from critics in 2011, Matthew McConaughey played the role of a criminal attorney.

The film, however, is based on the first novel in the Connelly series. The second narrative, ‘The Brass Verdict,’ will receive more attention in the next Netflix series.


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