Korean Drama Insider (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Film and TVKorean Drama Insider (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Insider (Insaideo) Korean Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch Insider, the latest Korean Drama 2022, here.

Kang Ha Neul returns as an insider in the midst of criminal acts and secret conspiracies in the new JTBC drama, Insider. The thriller genre series written by Moon Man Se will start airing on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 via live streaming video platforms JTBC and Viki.

Focusing on the character Kim Yo Han, a judicial trainee who goes undercover, Insider will take viewers through the dark world of gambling and corruption. Betrayed by his comrades, Yo Han was caught while carrying out one of his investigations and was thrown into Seongju prison. Yo Han then looks for a way out to get revenge, while hiding his true identity in the dangerous prison.

Throughout the series, Kang Ha Neul will meet interesting characters played by top actors, such as illegal businesswoman Oh Soo Yeon (Lee Yoo Young), powerful villain Yoon Byung Wook (Heo Sung Tae), and field inspector Mok Jin Hyung. (Kim Sang Ho). Headed by the director of Missing: The Other Side, Min Yeon Hong, Insider offers a fun and sure mix of thriller and action.

Before watching this 16 Series Korean Drama, first take a look at the following preview of Insider (Insaideo).

Insider (Insaideo) Korean Drama Series Info

TitleInsider (Insaideo)
GenreAction, Thriller, Drama
DirectorMin Yeon Hong
ScreenwriterMoon Man Se

Insider (Insaideo) Storyline

While going undercover as part of his work in judicial training, Kim Yo Han (Kang Ha Neul) was arrested and got held in Seongju Prison. There was something that he found odd about this incident. When it was revealed that his co-workers had betrayed him on purpose leading to the arrest, Yo Han was determined to avenge them. For that, he had to get out of prison, and before that, he had to make sure he could survive there.

Kim Yo Han once again goes undercover, moving like an insider and hiding his identity. Yo Han’s goal is to get a set of cards that may change his fate through gambling in prison. However, in a place where law and logic don’t apply, everyone forms alliances with anyone to achieve their own goals. In the midst of these complexities and power plays, will Yo Han’s goal finally be achieved?

Cast of Insider (Insaideo)

  • Kang Ha Neul (Kim Yo Han)
  • Lee Yoo Young (Oh Soo Yeon)
  • Heo Sung Tae (Yoon Byung Wook)
  • Kim Sang Ho (Mok Jin Hyung)
  • Han Bo Reum (Annie Stevens)
  • Kang Young Seok (Jang Seon Oh)
  • Sung Ji Ru (Heo Sang Soo)
  • Jung Man Shik (Yang Hwa)
  • Cha Yeob (Kim Gil Sang)
  • Kim Si Eun (Park Ro Sa)
  • Han Kyu Won (Eom Ik Soo)
  • Yoon Byung Hee

Showtimes & Watch Streaming Links

Original NetworkJTBC
Broadcast DateWednesday, Jun 08, 2022
ShowtimesWednesday Thursday
Episodes16 Series
Watch LinkJTBC, Viki

Insider (Insaideo) Video Trailer

YouTube video

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Korean Drama Insider (Insaideo) which will air on Wednesday, Jun 08, 2022.

Make sure Toper loyal readers have downloaded the application and watched Insider (Insaideo) English subtitle through the official JTBC, Viki website, OK! because there are also sites such as drakorindo that provide watching Korean Drama Insider (Insaideo) for free, but it’s illegal.


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