Ready to Release! One Piece Chapter 1053 The New Emperors, Read here.

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Are you looking for a link to read the latest One Piece Chapter 1053 mangaplus? You must be one of the fans of the One Piece Manga who has been waiting for the release of Chapter 1053. You can see the link later in this article.

One Piece Chapter 1052 ends by giving readers curiosity. Wano has peace is the content of the final part of the previous chapter. However, a new problem arose regarding the arrival of Admiral Ryokugyu.

Besides that, a big question mark still follows the end of the story where the question arises whether Yamato is legitimately a member of the Straw Hat crew. More curious?

Other news says that One Piece will lose Eiichiro Oda who will be on hiatus for a month. The mangaka is said to be taking a four-week break from June 27 to July 25, 2022.

It is predicted that the sensei is preparing for the beginning of the last One Piece universe saga. The hiatus was also used to prepare for the upcoming 25th anniversary of the One Piece series. Could it be that One Piece Chapter 1053 for the first time will be a chapter without Wano?

Don’t worry, One Piece Chapter 1053 will not be the end of the Wano arc. It is even reported that on Sunday 19 June 2022, One Piece 1053 will be officially released.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoiler Summary

For One Piece fans who can’t wait to find out a little spoiler for Chapter 1053, here are some of the plots we’ve summarized from Reddit to Raw full.

  • Monkey D Luffy is shocked to be because it turns out to be one of the 4 new yonko. The other three yonko are Shanks, Buggy, and Marshall D. Teach (Kurohige).
  • Reached 3 billion berry, Luffy’s bounty value is now equal to Law and Kid.
  • The contents of the conversation between Nico Robin and Kozuki Sukiyaki were revealed. They say Pluton is in Wano.
  • Chapter 1053 will also reveal the appearance of the Green Bull.

“The New Emperors” will be the title of One Piece manga chapter 1053. One Piece Odyssey is specially dedicated to cover color spreads.

This is just a little spoiler. Reading the full contents of One Piece chapter 1053 will certainly be more fun and tense. Is it true that Luffy will become the new yonko?

Just start reading, this is the link to One Piece chapter 1053.


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