Korean Drama Becoming Witch (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Film and TVKorean Drama Becoming Witch (2022) : Showtimes & Where to Watch

Becoming Witch Korean Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch Becoming Witch, the latest Korean Drama 2022, here.

A group of three women in their 40s are ready for action and kill in TV Chosun’s black comedy drama series, Becoming Witch. Made by director Kim Yoon Cheol and writer Park Pa Ran, the series begins airing on Saturday, June 25, 2022 on live video streaming platforms TV Chosun and Netflix.

Alternatively entitled The Witch is Alive, the series tells the story of three friends: Gong Ma Ri (Lee Yoo Ri), Chae Hee Soo (Lee Min Young), and Yang Jin Ah (Yoon So Yi). Each has problems with her marriage and family, and holds grudges against certain people in their lives.

The series marks Lee Yoo Ri’s return to acting after her last phenomenal appearance in Lie After Lie (2020). Lee Min Young (Here Comes Love) and Yoon So Yi (The Goddess of Revenge) complete the trio that is the driving force of this story. In addition, well-known actors Jung Sang Hoon, Kim Young Jae, and Ryu Yeon Seok are completing the cast.

Before watching this 16 Series Korean Drama, first take a look at the following preview of Becoming Witch.

Becoming Witch Korean Drama Series Info

TitleBecoming Witch
GenreMystery, comedy
DirectorKim Yoon Cheol
ScreenwriterPark Pa Ran

Becoming Witch Storyline

Three women are struggling with their respective household matters. Gong Ma Ri (Lee Yoo Ri) just finds out that her husband is cheating on her, and is looking for a way to dump him. Chae Hee Soo (Lee Min Young) is fed up with her rich husband’s cold attitude because she has difficulty getting pregnant. Yang Jin Ah (Yoon So Yi) is confused about how to protect her inheritance after her evil husband dies.

The three women are friends, even though they come from different backgrounds. All three have problems with their marriage, and have a grudge to avenge. Most importantly, the reason they’re united, is that each has someone in her life that she wants dead.

Showtimes & Watch Link

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Korean Drama Becoming Witch which will air on Saturday, Jun 25, 2022.

Make sure Toper loyal readers have downloaded the application and watched Becoming Witch English subtitle through the official Netflix website, OK! because there are also sites such as drakorindo that provide watching Korean Drama Becoming Witch for free, but it’s illegal.

Original NetworkTV Chosun, Netflix
Broadcast DateSaturday, Jun 25, 2022
Episodes16 Series
Watch LinkNetflix

Cast of Becoming Witch

  • Lee Yoo Ri (Gong Ma Ri)
  • Lee Min Young (Chae Hee Soo)
  • Yoon So Yi (Yang Jin Ah)
  • Jung Sang Hoon (Lee Nak Goo)
  • Kim Young Jae (Nam Moo Yeong)
  • Ryu Yeon Seok (Kim Woo Bin)
  • Kim Sa Kwon (Jang Sang Pil)
  • Han So Eun (Im Go Eun)
  • Kim Hyun Jun (Lee Nam Gyu)

Becoming Witch Video Trailer

YouTube video


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