His Style Goes Viral, Israel Adesanya Defends UFC 276 Champion Belt

SportHis Style Goes Viral, Israel Adesanya Defends UFC 276 Champion Belt

It cannot be denied that Israel Adesanya is the undisputed leader of the Ultimate Fighting Championship middle class. It is noteworthy that Izzy reaffirmed his dominance on Sunday afternoon (7/3/2022) at UFC 276 by defeating Jared Cannonier in a fight that lasted five rounds.

As a result of counting the points, Izzy won unanimously. Izzy came out on top in this technical duel, with a score of 49-46, 49-46, and 50-45. The three judges who were involved ruled Izzy the winner.

Izzy was aggressively conservative from the onset when it came to Cannonier. Action buying and selling blows had occurred.

Izzy was actually pressed by Cannonier during the third round, and the result was not good. However, The Stylebender was able to stay calm despite being pressed.

Cannonier continued to exert pressure in the fourth round. However, Izzy was able to keep the situation under control. The situation remained calm until, finally, in the final round, the two began to attack.

Cannonier tried several times to take down Izzy but was unable to do so. Izzy is a very good fighter, and many times she evades Killa Gorilla’s attacks thanks to her excellent control. Until the end of the match, Izzy won by counting points.

The attention does not simply go to the game itself. The walkout that Izzy made in UFC 276 became a hot topic of conversation as a result.

As a matter of fact, Izzy’s action became a viral sensation on social media. Apparently, Izzy’s action was caused by her imitation of the style of WWE wrestler The Undertaker.

It’s not just that Izzy is imitating The Undertaker’s style, but he also uses a song that accompanies the legendary wrestler’s matches. The amazing thing is that Izzy tends to spring into action when the WWE’s best, like Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H, are on the other side of the octagon.


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