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Lost in the Kunlun Mountains Chinese Drama complete with storylines, official & i-legal streaming sites, Video Teasers, Reviews, and showtimes. Watch Lost in the Kunlun Mountains, the latest Chinese Drama 2022, here.

A star-studded web drama, Lost in the Kunlun Mountains, begins airing on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. The 36-episode drama scheduled to air every Wednesday to Saturday can be watched online via live streaming video platform Tencent Video (WeTV) and iQIYI.

Xu Kai and Elaine Zhong Chu Xi lined up as the main players along with Wang Yang, Zhang Xin Yu, Morni Chang, Gao Shu Guang, and Bao Bei Er. The drama which is also known as ‘Traveling in Kunlun Ruins’ is adapted from the novel of the same name by Tian Xia Ba Chang.

Basically, this web drama directed by Lin Nan and Leung Sing Kuen tells about the ongoing ties between the five gates led by Tian Guan during the Republic of China. Xu Kai plays Ding Yun Qi, the only heir to the Kunlun heritage and treasure, and also the only person who can unlock the Kunlun Ruins.

Before watching this 36 Series Chinese Drama, first take a look at the following preview of Lost in the Kunlun Mountains.

Lost in the Kunlun Mountains Chinese Drama Series Info

TitleLost in the Kunlun Mountains
GenreAdventure, historical, mystery, fantasy
DirectorLi Nan, Leung Sing Kuen
ScreenwriterXiao Yang, Meng Xiao Dan, Tian Xia Ba Chang (Novel)

Lost in the Kunlun Mountains Storyline

During the period of the Republic of China there were open and secret disputes, as well as ties and conflicts of interest among the five sects led by Tian Guan.

Ding Yun Qi (Xu Kai), the sole heir to the treasure of the Kunlun Ruins, is in the spotlight of many parties when he sets foot in Shanghai. Not only that, this kind and talented young man was also the only person capable of unlocking the gates of the Kunlun Ruins.

As a result, he faces various dangers and finds it difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. However Ding Yun Qi always managed to escape from various life threatening situations.

In the midst of his activities to investigate the whereabouts of his brother who mysteriously disappeared, Ding Yun Qi accidentally meets Luo Yun Song (Wang Yang), a warlord who has profited from smuggling cultural relics and is eager to take Kunlun’s treasure for himself.

In order to fulfill his brother’s mandate to continue guarding the wonders of the Kunlun Ruins, Ding Yun Qi relies on his ingenuity to outsmart enemies in an attempt to resolve the impending crisis. He also collaborates with Wu Shuang (Zhong Chu Xi), a girl who has an honest and outspoken personality.

Showtimes & Watch Link

Original NetworkTencent Video (WeTV), iQIYI
Broadcast DateWednesday, Jul 27, 2022
ShowtimesWednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Episodes36 Series
Watch LinkTencent Video (WeTV), iQIYI

So, what’s the next storyline? Just watch! The Chinese Drama Lost in the Kunlun Mountains which will air on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2022.

Cast of Lost in the Kunlun Mountains

  • Xu Kai (Ding Yun Qi)
  • Zhong Chu Xi (Wu Shuang)
  • Wang Yang (Luo Yun Song)
  • Bao Bei Er (Luo Jiu Tian)
  • Zhang Xin Yu (Cui Yan Yan)
  • Zhang Chen Guang (Zhou Qiu Hai)
  • Gao Shu Guang (Ding Yuan Shan)
  • He Sai Fei (Lao Bei Feng)
  • Hong Jian Tao (Hu Si Ling)
  • Ruan Ju (Chu Feng Ling)
  • Meng A Sai (Sun San Xian)
  • Hei Ze (He Biao)
  • Zhang Fan (Zhu Lao Jiu)
  • Ma Qi Yue (San Jin)
  • He Feng Tian (Consultant Jiang)
  • Cheng Tao (Hua Xing Chen)
  • Zuo Jin Zhu (Xue Ding Feng)
  • Gao Chang Yuan (Jia Bai Ting)

Lost in the Kunlun Mountains Video Trailer

YouTube video

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