Mbappé, Galtier and the reactions after PSG – Juventus (2-1)

SportMbappé, Galtier and the reactions after PSG – Juventus (2-1)

PSG has offered the scalp of Juventus in the Champions League (2-1). It was complicated, but the champions of France preferred to retain the victory.

Like last season, Paris began their European journey with a victory against the most formidable opponent in the group. The French champions disposed of Juventus at home (2-1). The victory was however sluggish due to a less successful second period. Everything was not perfect, but the players are aware that there is still work to do. Savoring the success, they promised to increase in power over the next matches.

Christophe Galtier (trainer of PSG on Canal+): “We had a superb 1st period, even if we conceded a big chance. We knew their strengths. It was of a good technical level, and there was intensity. The 2nd half was more difficult. A moment of hesitation on the conceded corner, it takes time to position ourselves and we take the goal. The 3rd goal is still important, and we didn’t score it. We created situations, but we also conceded. The defenders had courage and selflessness at that time. But in C1, you have to know how to suffer. Winning by fighting until the end also allows the team to grow. We have a very dynamic game; it would have been necessary in difficult moments to put a little more foot on the ball. This is an area for improvement. The controversy over ecology? I regret it. Now was not the time to do it and she was in bad taste. I am concerned about climate issues. I heard we’re above ground. We are not above ground, we are lucid. The joke was in bad taste, but from there to make us pass for what we are not…. We are aware of climate issues. My joke wasn’t great, and I found out quickly when I got home.”

Kylian Mbappé (PSG striker on Canal+): “We are happy. We could have taken cover in the second half. Even in first. But we did the essentials. We did a good job anyway. And we leave with the victory, in a superb atmosphere at home. We always want to face the biggest teams. These are matches where you have to show personality and quality. We now know what needs to be worked on, that we have shortcomings and that we need to improve. We must insist more on establishing our game, accentuating our time and not having too large a block. And defensively, the weak times must not be too weak. We must not be too low. But this is only the beginning of the season. If we continue like this, we are right (…) What is the most difficult goal? The 2e, because I don’t see the ball coming. I have a new role. I try to adapt as best as I can and always be decisive.”

Adrien Rabiot (Juventus midfielder on Canal+): “Disappointed because indeed the first 20 minutes of the match we were too timid. We stayed too much in our camp. We let them play. In the 2nd period, we showed another face and character. These are two different halves, and we have to work on it. Hope, we have it. Paris was the favourite, we saw it differently. We had to come here to win. We could have come back to 2-2. But it bodes well for the future. Personally, I was happy to succeed where I grew up. And I had a good game.”


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