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Cutouts: An Instagram Feature That Lets You Create Stickers from Videos

BizNETAppsCutouts: An Instagram Feature That Lets You Create Stickers from Videos

Instagram has released a new feature that is appealing to its users. This feature, called Cutouts, allows users to create moving stickers from videos.

These moving stickers are in the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), which is popular on social media. These stickers can be used in Instagram Stories or Reels as a way to be creative and express oneself.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Cutouts feature is one of the most requested features by Instagram users. This feature is now available to all Instagram users, provided they have updated their Instagram app to the latest version (317.

How to Create Moving Stickers

To create moving stickers with the Cutouts feature, users can choose a photo or video they want to turn into a sticker, either from their gallery or newly recorded.

Users can trim the video duration to 1-6 seconds, as desired. Then, Instagram will automatically remove the background behind the main subject or object in the video, turning it into a sticker.

Users can also choose another object to turn into a sticker by tapping the ‘Select Manually’ option. Once finished, users can tap ‘Create Sticker’ to save the moving sticker.

YouTube video

How to Use Moving Stickers

Moving stickers that have been created can be used repeatedly in Instagram Stories and Reels. Users just need to tap the Stickers icon located at the top of the app, then select the Cutouts menu.

There, users will see a list of moving stickers they have created before. Users can tap the desired sticker, then place it on the screen as desired.

Users can also create moving stickers from videos made by other creators, as long as the video is posted publicly and the creator has enabled permission to create stickers from their video.

However, if the creator deletes their video post, the sticker made from that video will also be automatically deleted.

With the Cutouts feature, users can be as creative as they like in creating various interesting and unique stickers. This feature can help users express themselves in a more creative and fun way.

The Cutouts feature is one of the new features released by Instagram, in addition to the much-discussed Instagram Flipside feature. Instagram is one of the social networking apps owned by Meta, a company formerly known as Facebook.

The Cutouts feature was first noticed by a social media user named Jonah Manzano, who saw the Cutouts menu in Instagram Stories, as reported by Social Media Today.

The Cutouts menu is accompanied by the text “Turn photos or videos into stickers to use in reels and stories. They’ll be saved here” (Change photos or videos into stickers to use in reels and stories. Stickers will be saved in this menu).

Other Features from Instagram

In addition to the Cutouts feature, Instagram recently also released another interesting feature, namely Instagram Flipside. This feature allows users to create a more private specific profile, thus accommodating users who want to show another side of themselves while maintaining privacy.

Operating Flipside Instagram is similar to a second account. The difference is, users do not need to create a new account to display a different profile.

If you want to switch to a private profile or secondary profile, users only need to change it with a single click of the new button located at the bottom right of the profile.

On the Flipside IG profile, users can add a profile name, bio, and profile photo of their own that is different from the main profile. In addition, on the Flipside IG profile, users can also upload Stories, Feeds, and Reels separately from the main profile.

Instagram also makes it easy for users who want to place links to external sites in their bio. Now, users can include up to five links in their bio, without the need to use third-party ‘link in bio’ services such as Linktree and the like.

If a user adds more than one link in the bio, they will not all be displayed immediately on the profile. Instagram will display the first link with the caption ‘and 1 other’ on the profile, so users still have to click again to see the list of links entered.

Instagram doesn’t limit what links can be included in your bio, as long as they don’t violate our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Users can even enter links for profiles on competitor social media, such as TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

With the various new features released, Instagram hopes to provide a better and more enjoyable experience for its users.

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