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Ballon d’Or 2023: Lionel Messi vs Erling Haaland, Who Will Win?

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The Ballon d’Or 2023 will soon be announced at the end of this month. Who will be the world’s best player according to French Football? Will it be Lionel Messi, who led Argentina to win the World Cup? Or will it be Erling Haaland, who scored 52 goals for Man City?

Both players have a great chance to win this prestigious award. They also have one thing in common: they were both coached by Pep Guardiola. The Manchester City coach admits he is confused about who to choose.

Guardiola is torn between Messi and Haaland. He said that the Ballon d’Or should consist of two parts: one for Messi and one for others. He admits that Haaland deserves to win, but he also won’t say it’s unfair if Messi wins.

“I always say that the Ballon d’Or should consist of two parts – one for Messi and one for others,” Guardiola said.

“Haaland deserves to win. We won the treble because he scored 52 goals, but of course Messi — his worst season is the best of most players. Both deserve it.”

Guardiola also expressed his pride in the many Man City players who were nominated for the Ballon d’Or. He sees this as proof of his club’s organizational success.

However, European media seems to have their own choice. Many believe that Messi deserves the Ballon d’Or more than Haaland. In fact, there are reports that the captain of the Argentina national team has been confirmed as the winner of this award.

Is the European media prediction correct? Or will Haaland surprise us? Let’s just wait for the official announcement from French Football on October 30.

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