About Toper.me

Welcome to the official Toper.me Website

Toper.me is an Tech News Portal. Technology is our core area of ​​writing covering articles on computers, Internet, science, blogging, social media, gadgets, apps, online media, info on the latest movies and drama series including synopsis and how to watch, technology sports like e-Sports, online games, and much more.

Toper.me was only formed in July 2020, at which time the Covid-19 Virus pandemic or popularly known as Corona was endemic throughout the world.

Even though Toper.me has just been formed, the people behind it have a very long experience in Website Development and Linux-based Server Brainstorming (since 2009 ), Graphic Design (since 2000), and Social Media especially Instagram (since 2018).


In addition to offering services, Toper.Me also provides interesting information related to technology that is currently developing. We have a competent TEAM who are responsible for their respective fields.

Toper TEAM

Founder / Senior Editor: Richard Jansen, S. Kom

CoFounder : Christopher Jeremy (often called toper)

Graphic Design: Jovvel Valentina and Team

Social Media and Multimedia: Natania Gabriella, Nadia Ariella

Website Developer, LINUX Server Technical and SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Richard Jansen, S. Kom

Editors: Oni Simbolon, Ibrahim Marbun, Upik Megantara, Pradipta Prayoga, Hardiansyah Halim, Calista Wahyuni

Ok, if you want to contact Toper.me for publication purposes, collaboration, criticism, suggestions, or other questions about this blog, you can send an email directly below:

Email : toperinfo24@gmail.com