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Toper.me is a Technology, Entertainment, and Sports News Portal which was only formed in July 2020. At that time the Covid-19 Virus pandemic or popularly known as Corona was endemic throughout the world.

Although still counted as a newcomer, Toper.me is supported by people who have a very long background experience in their field.

Initially, Toper had started his business in the field of Graphic Design (since 2000), continued with Linux-based Website Development and Brainstorming Server (since 2009), and entered the field of Social Media, especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook services (since 2018).

Focus Articles and News

The main focus of our content on Toper.me is in the field of Technology which includes articles on computers, internet, blogging, social media, gadgets, applications, online media, video, live streaming, software, online games, science, and automotive.

Then we developed a new category, namely in the field of Entertainment. In this field, Toper.me provides content and news related to movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean drama series, US tv series, Chinese dramas, etc.), Music, and world celebrities (Korean K-POP Artists, etc.).

Meanwhile, The Sports category was finally included in Toper.me’s coverage because quite a lot of fans were interested in knowing information about football (World Cup, Euro Cup, English League, La Liga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Copa America, UEFA Nations League , etc.), MotoGP (including Moto2, Moto3), basketball (NBA, Olympics, etc.), badminton, etc.

Toper.me articles are enriched by collaborating with content from the online portal, Resepbyta.com, which is part of the Toper.me management group.

Apart from English, Toper.me articles are also translated into several languages, namely German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Indonesian.


  • Founder/Senior Editor: Richard Jansen, S.Kom
  • CoFounder / Editor: Christopher Jeremy (often called toper), Natania Gabriella, Nadia Ariella
  • Graphic Design, Social Media and Multimedia: Jovvel Valentina and Team
  • Website Developer, LINUX Server Technical and SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Richard Jansen, S. Kom
  • Contributors: Oni Simbolon, Ibrahim Marbun, Upik Megantara, Pradipta Prayoga, Hardiansyah Halim, Calista Wahyuni.

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