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Hot Duel Between Belgium and Sweden in Live Streaming European Cup Qualification: Analysis and Prediction

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There is nothing more exciting than a football match full of passion and tension, especially when two big teams like Belgium and Sweden face off. On Monday 16 October 2023, we will watch this highly anticipated match in the European Cup Group F qualifiers.

Belgium, known as the “Red Devils”, is a strong and experienced team. They have shown outstanding performance in these European Cup qualifiers by achieving 5 wins and 1 draw in 6 matches. However, the question is how much do they want to compete? Considering many of their key players play in the top five league clubs, their club’s attitude also needs to be considered.

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On the other hand, Sweden is currently ranked 23rd in the world. Their performance in recent years has been quite ordinary, they even failed to qualify for the World Cup last year. In these European Cup qualifiers, their performance has been quite fluctuating. With a record of 2 wins and 3 losses in 5 matches, they only scored 6 points and are in third place in Group F. Although they still have a chance to qualify, their hopes of advancing seem very slim.

However, don’t judge too quickly. Soccer is a game full of surprises and anything can happen. Sweden may be in an unfavorable position, but they have a strong fighting spirit and determination to show that they deserve a place in the European Cup.

So, who will win this match? Will Belgium maintain their unbeaten record or will Sweden create a surprise? Only time will tell. Let’s look forward to this exciting match!

Live Streaming Belgium vs Sweden

Here is information about the live streaming broadcast of the Belgium vs Sweden match in Euro 2024 Qualification for several regions:

  • USA: This match will be broadcast live on FOX Sports App, Fox Sports 1, and In addition, this match is also available on Paramount+.
  • Germany: This match can be watched through the DAZN streaming service.
  • France: This match can be watched through the TF1 streaming service.
  • Spain: Unfortunately, does not broadcast each national team’s matches in Spain.
  • Italy: This match can be watched through the Servus TV streaming service.
  • Indonesia: This match can be watched via RCTI live broadcast and RCTI+1 live streaming.

Please check with your service provider to ensure broadcast availability. Enjoy watching!

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